He Clicked His Tongue And Shook His Head

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Celine lay on the beach, the hot sand warming her through the beach blanket. Despite it's scantiness (most of her breasts and all of her buttocks being exposed to the sun) the swimsuit she wore was extremely expensive, though it had cost only a pittance compared to the gold and ruby earrings she wore, not to mention the enormous diamond on her ring finger.

The resort was severely exclusive so there were few others on the beach with her. Despite this a young man in board shorts came walking along the shore. Spotting Celine looking at him through her dark sunglasses he smiled and made a beeline for her.

"Hot day," he observed.

Celine shrugged. "I understand it often is here on Bora Bora."

"True," he said cheerfully. "And the sun can really do a number on your skin. I hope you're wearing enough sunscreen."

"Perhaps I want a tan."

He clicked his tongue and shook his head. "Bad idea. Sun damage can lead to premature aging. Beautiful skin like yours should be properly cherished."

Celine lifted an eyebrow. "I suppose you have a solution."

"Well, I could help you apply more sunscreen. Just as a friendly gesture."

She kept her expression neutral but gazed at him intently through the dark glasses. Aside from board shorts and sandals (leather, clearly high-end Italian) the only thing he wore was a heavy gold class ring from Yale. He was of medium height and his lithe swimmer's body was in excellent shape, clearly the result of daily workouts. He was certainly years younger than her, though not so much younger she could be his mother. The gleaming smile looked far too perfect to be anything but the product of an expert orthodontist.

"Why not?' she said, lowering herself onto the towel and rolling onto her front. "There's a bottle in my bag."

She closed her eyes, not worried in the least that her wallet was in the bag as well. A moment later two strong oily hands began giving her a backrub.

It was definitely a massage. He kneaded and stroked her skin far more than it would have taken merely to apply a layer of suntan oil. Celine sighed as clever hands worked magic.

After a while his hands drifted downward. Since her rear cheeks were largely exposed and thus vulnerable to the sun he had the perfect excuse to fondle her curvy bottom, and took full advantage of this. Celine didn't object, not even when venturesome fingers traced their way into her rear cleft and smeared oil to within a nail's breath of her barely concealed backdoor.

Despite this he didn't try to get under her swimsuit, instead proceeding down her thighs, legs, and calves. Celine sighed heavily. He did have very good hands.

"Turn over, I'll get your front," he said. He was breathing a little hard, she noticed. Good, she'd hate to think this wasn't turning him on at least as much as it was her.

Celine flipped over as instructed. He worked his way up this time, starting from her feet. She had to gasp a little as the hands rubbed her inner thighs and just-slightly-rounded belly. He grinned down at her and concentrated on stroking areas that caused her to react.

By the time he got to her breasts any pretense this wasn't sexual had vanished. His hands kneaded her firm tits, pressing them together then pushing them apart. Oiled fingers slid under the edge of the fabric to tease rapidly-hardening nipples.

Celine caught at his wrists. "We can't. Not in public."

He kept rubbing her tits, hampered only slightly by her grip. "Your suite comes with a cabana, doesn't it? Probably that one right behind you."

Celine considered this briefly. "No, I don't like doing it on the beach. Sand gets into all the sensitive spots."

"How about in the water, then? No one will see us out there."

She gave a little snort. "Have you ever done it like that? Salt water washes away all the lubrication pretty quick. It can get painful for a girl."

"Then I guess we better head for your suite."

She pushed his hands away and lifted herself up on an elbow. "Pretty sure of yourself, aren't you?"

He grinned again. "Yeah, I guess so. Shouldn't I be?"

Celine snorted. "You Ivy League boys are all alike, think you're God's gift."

He chuckled. "Aww, don't be like that. I'm just trying to make your day less boring."

She rolled her eyes. "I should get a little bit of a tan, you know. If I don't come back with one people will wonder what I was doing at a beach resort."

"They'll undoubtedly assume you were doing what most women do on their honeymoon, Mrs. Carver."

"Most women on their honeymoon do that sort of thing with their husbands," Celine pointed out.

He laughed out loud. "Speaking of which, where is the old man? I noticed he wasn't around as I strolled up."

Celine grimaced. "He got a message about some business deal, said the call security wasn't good enough here and caught a plane to Pape'ete to handle it."

"After only one day on the island with you?" He shook his head. "Guess Daddy isn't wasting any time showing you where his priorities lie."

"And what exactly are you doing here, Mason?"

He shrugged. "Why, I'm on vacation. I took a guest house a few miles from here. It's not on the beach, so I thought I'd use this one."

"And just by chance you took this vacation in the same place and at the same time your father and I are on our honeymoon."

"I had a feeling Dad wouldn't stick around for the whole two weeks," Mason said. "Not having time for family stuff is pretty much standard for him. I should know."

"We can't keep doing this, you know," Celine said. "I shouldn't have let you seduce me in the first place."

"Probably not, but I didn't tell Daddy, did I? I didn't do one thing to derail your plan to enter into divine wedlock with my ridiculously wealthy sire," Mason said. "I saw the pre-nup, by the by. Pretty grim if you ask me. The old man is getting stingier with age."

"So I should let you keep screwing me because I'm so thankful you didn't stop me from marrying your father?"

"No, I don't expect that," he answered. "On the other hand, you can't deny that you're a woman with a strong sex drive and that I'm a helluva lot better in bed than Daddy. When you come right down to it having an affair with me is probably the safest way you can cheat on him. And you know that in the end you're going to cheat on him, just to have the occasional orgasm."

The unfortunately thing was that her husband's son (she found it completely impossible to think of him as her stepson) was quite correct on all counts. Celine sighed.

"All right, let's go to the suite, then," she said.


They stepped through the sliding door into the air-conditioned living room. Mason shut the door and started pulling the curtains.

"Do you want a drink first?" Celine asked. "The bar is right over ..."

She didn't get any farther as Mason took her into his arms and crushed his mouth against hers. Celine wrapped her own arms around his broad chest and kissed him back passionately.

They stood there for a long moment, tongues fencing and hands roving. Mason had applied far more sunscreen than was needed during his massage, so his fingers slid smoothy over her oiled body. Celine pushed her hands down into her lover's board shorts to cup and squeeze the firm muscular buttocks beneath. Mason did not have to make an equivalent effort as her swimsuit left her toned rear uncovered to his groping fingers. Celine felt the pouch that covered her shaved pussy dampen as her secretions started to leak.

She pulled her mouth away, breathing hard. "Let's go to the bedroom," she said.

He shifted his grip and suddenly scooped Celine up into his arms. She whooped out a laugh as he carried her through the open door into the next room where the king-size bed waited. It occurred to Celine he was carrying her over a threshold on her honeymoon, something his father hadn't bothered to try.

Mason lowered Celine onto the bed gently, following her down as he did. They resumed making out, this time undressing each other as well. Both pieces of the pricey swimsuit were tossed to a separate corner of the room. Celine tugged down Mason's shorts and his erection sprang free, proud and eager.

The younger man kissed his way down her neck to her breasts and began suckling at her hard nipples. Celine moaned and rubbed his cock with one hand, circling it with her fingers and stroking it gently. It throbbed hotly, hard as steel in a way that her husband's dick never quite matched no matter how much Cialis he took. Of course, the forty-year age difference between the two had something to do with that.

Mason shifted upward and straddled her, placing his manhood between her tits. Celine pressed them together and let him fuck her cleavage, the oily sunscreen providing lube. She was proud of the way that her breasts had stayed high and mostly firm into her thirties without requiring surgery as yet. That would come, she knew, but for now she was still all-natural which allowed her to wear the most revealing garments without fear of any scars showing. She was sure her breasts were one of the things that had made her stand out when she was trying to gain Stanley Carver's attention.

From tit-fucking Mason transitioned into feeding Celine his dick. She laved the head with her tongue, then as he pushed more of his length between her lips added a hand to stroke the shaft as she bobbed her head to suck the warm meatstick. It was a somewhat awkward position, so after a short time she patted him with her free hand indicating she wanted him on his back. They switched positions and now she knelt above him, dipping down to slurp on his organ. After licking the sides down to his balls and back up again, Celine took his cock in and slowly worked her way down his length until the head was past her tonsils and she'd swallowed every bit of his prong. At this point she rubbed his balls with her hand and began humming, making Mason groan.

Celine pulled off his dick, coughed, and then giggled, her hands still massaging his privates. "Bet those younger girls you date don't do that."

"Not most of them, no," he replied. "But the real difference is even with the ones who do I'm the one who has to ask before they will."

Her hands kept stroking his saliva-slick cock. "So I'm just a dirtier slut than the others, is that what you're saying?"

"You're certainly wilder in bed, that's why I keep coming back," Mason said with a grin.

"Not hearing a compliment yet. Guess you'll have to work your mouth another way to keep me interested."

Releasing his erection Celine lay back on the wide bed and spread her thighs. Mason rolled toward her, slipping his hands under her legs and pulling her pelvis closer to his face. He lowered his head to her crotch and began to lick her pussy. Closing her eyes, Celine ran her hands through her lover's curly hair.

Another thing that distinguished Mason from his father was that he didn't mind eating her. Celine wasn't about to push the issue with Stanley; after all, sexual satisfaction was definitely not the reason she'd pursued him. But it did leave her craving oral pleasure, which was one of her favorite sorts of erotic activity.

A gap that Mason was happy and qualified to fill. Along with all of her other gaps, Celine thought with a smile.

Mason lapped and sucked and nibbled till Celine was very wet, then tongue-fucked her while fingering her clitty as she gasped and moaned her way to an orgasm. When he finally stopped she went limp, panting on the bed as he repositioned himself on top of her.

"Mmmm, sure you don't want me from behind?" Celine asked. "I know that's your favorite position."

She gasped as he dropped his hips and suddenly drove his cock into her, instantly plunging through the wet opening and sliding half his length into her vagina.

"Maybe we'll do it that way later," Mason grunted. "Right now I need this."

With a few more thrusts he worked his dick deep into her pussy. Celine wrapped her legs around him and used her head to draw his head down to her breast as he began to screw her with long, slow strokes. They rocked back and forth, her womanhood wet and welcoming, his cock eager and demanding. The scent and sound of their intercourse filled the bedroom.

Mason stopped tonguing her nipples and pushed himself back up on his arms to get more leverage. Celine knew what was coming from experience and braced her hands back against the headboard. The muscular young stud began to draw back and ram into her pussy full force now, pounding her like a drum, driving gasps and moans from her lungs.

The rate at which he plundered her cunt slowly ramped up until he was driving at her like a machine, their groins slapping together as Celine's moans blended together into a kind of wordless chant. Mason's face twisted into a grimace as his orgasm approach and he tried to hold in back, knowing that if he held out a bit longer they could cum together.

Mason groaned out, "Oh fuck, I can't hold it." Just then Celine wailed as her climax hit with perfect timing. Mason groaned again as his dick convulsed and began spraying his seed deep inside the older woman. He pumped in and out a few more times and then sank down, planting his member deep as it continued to spurt out semen into Celine's clasping pussy.

Celine took a deep breath and let it out slow as her orgasm faded. She stroked Mason's trembling buttocks as he finished inseminating her, his heavy body pushing hers into the mattress as his cock spasmed out the last few dribbles of sperm from his clenching testicles.


"So, why did you really come to Bora Bora? I can't believe it was that you couldn't find another girl to empty your balls for you."

They lay naked on the bed next to each other. Mason's hand was casually stroking her flanks, his flaccid penis sagging flaccid on his thigh.

"Same reason I first made moves on you, really," he said. "You were something of darling Daddy's, and I couldn't help wanting to thumb my nose at him by spoiling you for him."

"That's not exactly high praise for me," Celine observed.

His hand caressed her breast. "Hey, you're a fine piece, don't get me wrong. You really are hella better in bed than most girls my age, I'd probably fuck you even if you weren't Dad's wife. But I figure you deserve the truth, which is that I showed up here hoping to screw you while you and Daddy were on honeymoon and remind you who the better man is. The old bastard has ruined my enjoyment so many times that being able to screw his wife feels like partial payback."

Celine shifted, the better to present her tits to his touch. "I suppose I ought to be happy it's not because you have some kinky ideas about incest. I am your step-mom know, I guess."

His hand paused. "I'd actually prefer you didn't remind me of that, it's really pretty creepy when you think of it that way. I'm much rather consider you as a very sexy woman who's just a few years older then me and happens to be married to my Dad."

"Good, because that's how I like it too."

"Do you mind if I ask you a question next?" Mason said.

His hand was back massaging her breast. "Is it about if we can do anal next? Because I told you before, I only did it that one time because you got me drunk, and I regretted it for the next two days every time I tried to take a shit."

He laughed. "No, I want to ask you why you went through with marrying Daddy. Like I said, https://xfaap.com I saw the pre-nup and it's brutal! You get nothing except your personal property if you're still married when he dies, and in case of a divorce then no matter who initiates it you not only get nothing, it says he has the right to claw back all the jewelry and stuff he's given you as presents. You must be aware he ditched my Mom when she turned 45, right?"

Celine shrugged. "Hey, I had a lawyer look at it. She said that no matter what's in there, there's no way he can avoid paying child support. Considering his assets and lifestyle, child support is not going to be chicken feed."

"Child support?"

"Now that we're married I'm going to have my IUD removed," Celine said. "He can't stop me, he won't even know. In fact, I'm thinking about having one of the local clinics here do it while he's gone."

Mason was shaking his head in disbelief. "The bastard hasn't told you, has he?"

"Told me what?" Celine asked. "Hey, I've seen his medical record, even if I did have to bribe a file clerk to do it. He hasn't had a vasectomy or anything."

"No, Daddy dearest would never risk his vital masculinity by doing something permanent like that. But he's on the board of more than one big pharmaceutical firm, and I happen to know that one of them has been working on a male contraceptive pill," Mason said. "It's not ready for market yet, but I also know that Daddy got them to give him a supply for 'personal testing as part of his due diligence as a board member'; which is full of shit, but it's not like they were going to tell him no."

Celine froze. Stanley frequently bragged about how healthy he was, but she'd noticed that recently he'd been taking a pill every morning. He'd told her it was "vitamins."

"That son of a bitch," she groaned.

"I'm sure in his mind it's insurance. If he decides he wants another heir, he'll stop taking it," Mason said. "My guess is that's what he'll do if I piss him off badly enough."

"Fuck! That god-damned bastard," Celine said. "He's ruined my life! I spent the last three years catering to him, buttering him up, telling him what a great man he was! Now I'm going to end up in the poorhouse!"

"Being his wife is still a pretty good gig," Mason pointed out.

"Yeah, right, until I get a little older and he trades me in for a newer model. You think I don't know he'll do that?" Celine raged. "Even if I somehow keep him from dumping me, he's going to die someday and then I'll be out on my ear, selling whatever jewelry I can wheedle out of him to keep from starving. I didn't have to take Stanley, you know! There were plenty of other old rich assholes I could have gone after. I thought he'd at least be honorable enough to support me and my kid once he knocked me up, now that will never happen!"

Celine started to snivel as her anger gave way to self-pity. Mason patted her shoulder. "Hey, hey, don't cry, babe. I hate it when girls cry, it's so ugly. Look, maybe I can help somehow."

Celine snuffled back tears. "How? Stanley has you on almost as short a leash as the one he has me on. I know because he brags about it, how you have to come to him for money all the time and he decides whether you can have it or not."

Mason grunted. "Very true, it's one of the reasons I dislike the bastard, even if he is my Dad."

"You can't help, Mason. Thanks for the offer, but your father has screwed us both real good."

Mason perked up. "Hey, that might be the answer to your problem. Yeah, that could work!"